What is Hirerer.com?

Hirerer.com is a HR Freelance Platform. Where companies & HR Freelancers can bid for work, both Online, Remote & Offline.

Once the work and payment terms & conditions are agreed, The company has to deposit the funds with Us. Payments will be time-bound and successful completion and acknowledgement from the Client

How does Hirerer generate revenue?

Hirerer makes money by taking 20% of payment paid to Freelancers. Hirerer will market it platforms through social media, paid marketing & email campaigns to bring Businesses to its platform therefore it is fair to charge a FEE to maintain its platform.

How does Hirerer Pay Freelancers?

Hirerer pays Freelancers on either Monthly or Project basis as agreed with the Customer based on outcomes & Deliverables as mentioned.

How does We handle Disputes?

When a project is under dispute, the Admin will be notified.

Then the Admin, Client and the Freelancer will start a dispute conversation in order to determine party at fault.

If the Party at fault is the Client, then the money will be awarded to the Freelancer.

If the Party at fault is the Freelancer, then the money will be returned to the Client.

How Does it Help Freelancer's like me?

Working with Hirerer will help you to work with multiple companies & projects and every successful project will add to your portfolio to share and get more work. It also provides flexibility to work on outcomes rather than monotonous work assignments.

I am Non-HR Person, Can I also showcase my Profile?

Yes,  Categories such as Technology, Digital Marketing, Miscellaneous that should suffice for NON-HR